Time Share ~ Brad Johnson



We share a bed, a bathroom, a garage,

checking and savings accounts, a mortgage,

three credit cards, a car/ car payment, a last name,

vacation plans, retirement ambitions,

a child and yet, near midnight, as you slip

a pair of my boxers up your thighs

you ask if you can wear them to walk our dog.

Next I hear the spring on the back porch door

swing closed and an aluminum slam shutter

through the night. I picture you out there:

my underwear rolled at the waistband; arms

crossed against the cold; squinting after

our black cocker spaniel who ducks into

the shadow of the juniper’s shoulder

as stars compete for your attention.


Stars need other stars to form constellations.

They almost can’t be seen individually,

are better perceived with eyes slightly blurred

or in peripheral vision where brighter

stars supply context to the dimmer stars,

allowing them to claim some brightness

for their own, forgiving them for being alone.