~ Welcome to Ascent ~

Editor’s Note ~

Dear Everyone,

Here is something wonderful and rare.

Ascent is publishing a Special Issue!

Twenty-five essays.  Twenty-one short stories.  Eighty-one poems.

There is a reason for this celebration, too.  Last November, when I turned 60 years old, I spent some time reflecting on my various projects and it occurred to me that Ascent had become exactly the magazine I hoped it would be when I took over as editor 23 years ago.  I was proud of every work we published and deeply grateful for the opportunity to read and get to know so many insightful, provoking, soul-shaking writers.

That provoked a good feeling, yes.  However, accomplishment always asks the question What next? The good feeling also made it clear to me that it was time for other imaginations, other tastes, other hopes for the magazine.

So, starting January 1, Ascent will have a new editor.  My colleague Vincent Reusch, a fiction writer and professor here at Concordia College, will take over the future of the journal.  Just as the journal was undeniably an expression of founding editor Dan Curley’s idiosyncratic literary taste, and then Audrey Curley’s vision, and then my own, the journal will become Vinney’s.  I trust the magazine will evolve and grow well beyond my own imagination.

Look at this work!  I wrote to authors who have been important to the journal and/or writers whose work I have admired and asked if they had something to share.  I am overwhelmed and humbled by the response.  So, even though the phrase is easy, thank you to every writer here, every writer the journal has published since 1975, and every reader who has spent time with these pages.  It’s been a joy.

W. Scott Olsen

Because there is so much, the work will appear on three separate days.

November 1 ~ Poetry

Three Poems ~ David Bengtson
Three Poems ~ Mary Lee Bragg
Three Poems ~ Philip S. Bryant
Three Poems ~ Robin Chapman
Three Poems ~ Sharon Chmielarz
Three Poems ~ Katharine Coles
Three Poems ~ Wyn Cooper
Three Poems ~ Jim Daniels
Three Poems ~ Pete Duval
Three Poems ~ Tami Haaland
My Enlightenment ~ T.R. Hummer
Three Poems ~ Allison Joseph
Three Poems ~ Jesse Lee Kercheval
Firmament ~ Dore Kiesselbach
Three Poems ~ George Looney
Three Poems ~ Leslie Adrienne Miller
Three Poems ~ Jeff Mock
The Dean’s Suite ~ Donald Morrill
Three Poems ~ Colin Morton
Three Poems ~ Elizabeth Poliner
Three Poems ~ Donna Salli
Three Poems ~ Claudia Serea
Three Poems ~ Peggy Shumaker
Three Poems ~ Richard Terrill
Three Poems ~ Steve Ullom
Three Poems ~ Ingrid Wendt
Three Poems ~ Scott Withiam
Three Poems ~ Robert Wrigley

November 4 ~ Fiction

Bank Run ~ Lawrence Coates
Mothering ~ Gary Fincke
Controlled Descent ~ Spencer Fleury
The Walleye Capital of the World ~ K.C. Frederick
Change Agent ~ J. Malcolm Garcia
Copper Ridge ~ Pam Houston
Joyriding ~ Mark Jenkins
An excerpt from Save Me A Place ~ Bret Lott
The Women at Coral Villas ~ Valerie Miner
A Sunday in Spandau ~ N.S. Morris
Toward the End ~ Rose Rappoport Moss
Charles Guiteau, Who Will Hang for the Assassination of President Garfield in 1882, Can’t Make Rent in 1873 ~ Tom Noyes
Mixed Metaphor: friezes, frescoes, papa  ~ an excerpt from My Red Heaven ~ Lance Olsen
A Lapse of Memory ~ Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Gallery ~ Laurie Stone
Sky Harbor ~ Jessica Treadway
A Girl from Urbino ~ Lee Upton
The Brotherhood of the White Beards ~ Larry Watson
Just Want to See His Face ~ Gabriel Welsch
At Low Tide ~ Joan Wilking
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ~ Karen Wunsch

November 6 ~ Essay

Little Houses ~ Karen Babine
A Tomb of One’s Own ~ Grace Bauer
Wild Dog Trail: Saguaro National Park ~ Doug Carlson
The Piranha in the Pet Shop ~ Peter Chilson
Former Inhabitants and Winter Visitors ~ Elizabeth Dodd
Allan Savory: Zimbabwe ~ Gretel Ehrlich
She’s Still Young, I Am Old Enough ~ Matthew Gavin Frank
A Death in the Family ~ Laurie Hertzel
Maxine ~ Melanie Hoffert
Marveling at the Marrow ~ Betsy Johnson
In the Place of their Exile ~ Lisa Knopp
The Unhappy Hour ~ Debra Marquart
How Substandard Closet Design Inflamed My Chronic Dread ~ Cris Mazza
Other Minds ~ Daniel Menaker
Transit Camp: Myths and Realities of Prague’s Lost Jews ~ Sandell Morse
Faultlines and Meanders ~ Lisa Norris
A Brush ~ Danielle Ofri
Paradise Evicted ~ Bernard Quetchenbach
It is the Year 1985 ~ Leslie Carol Roberts
The Marksburg Photo ~ Robert Root
Refuge ~ Jane Satterfield
Naked ~ Jennifer Sinor
Wind ~ Caroline Sutton
12-Step Plan For Becoming The Mother of An Addict ~ Kirsten Wasson
Ordinary Time ~ Sarah Wells

Stories ~ Poems ~ Photographs ~ Essays

Our Authors ~ Online, 2009 to present ~ William Aarnes, Jennifer Acker, Nat Akin, Marcia Aldrich, Paul Allen, Amy Gigi Alexander, Geoff Anderson, Jacob M. Appel, Darius Atefat-Peckham, Harold Augenbraum, Karen Auvinen, Ashley Aquila, Karen Babine, Michelle Bailat-Jones,  Stephanie Bane, Frederick Barthelme, Mike Barenti, Christian Barter, Rick Bass, Wendy Battin, Grace Bauer, Jeffrey Bean, Leslee Becker, Lisa Bellamy, David Bengtson, Roy Bentley, B.J. Best, MaryEllen Beveridge, Jill Birdsall, Vanessa Blakeslee, Bethany Bowman, Mary Lee Bragg, Philip Bryant, Mark Brazaitis, Kelly Browne, Beverly Burch, Michael Busk, Sigman Byrd, Scott Cameron, Roger Camp, Thom Caraway, Doug Carlson, Robin Carstensen, Aimee R. Cervenka, Robin Chapman, Ethan Chatagnier, Lucia Cherciu, Peter Chilson, Sharon Chmielarz, Kersten Christianson, Monica J. Claesson, Joanne M. Clarkson, Robert Claps, Lilah Clay, Brad Clompus, Lawrence Coates, Michael Cohen, Joan Colby, Douglas Cole, Charisse Coleman, Katharine Coles, Michael Collado, Neal Conan, Ted Conover, J.L. Conrad, Wyn Cooper, Heather Corrigan, Serena Crawford, Eric Crump, Eileen Cunniffe, Jim Dameron, Jim Daniels, Faye Rapoport DesPres, Arthur Diamond, Paul Dickey, Rochelle Distelheim, Elizabeth Dodd,  Joshua Doležal, Mark Dostert, John Drury, Bruce Ducker, Pete Duval, David Ebenbach, Susan Elbe, Anna Elkins, J.J. Elliot, Harvey Ellis, Laura Ender, Ann S. Epstein, Gretel Ehrlich, Jeff Ewing, Patricia Fargnoli, Alan Feldman, Brad Felver, Jeanpaul Ferro, Gary Fincke, Bob Fischer, Spencer Fleury, Ruth Foley, Alyson Foster, Brett Foster, Matthew Gavin Frank, K.C. Frederick, Robert Froese, Pete Fromm, J. Malcom Garcia,  John Garcia, Sarah Gauch, Jaimy Gordon, Sue Granzella, Josh Green, Sheldon Green, Alvin Greenberg, G.L. Grey, Joseph Gross, Amy Gustine, Tami Haaland, Justin Hamm, Jeffrey Hammond, Chad Hanson, J.R. Hanson, Michelle Shappell Harris, Natalie Harris, Lisa Ohlen Harris, Steven Harvey, Chris Haven, John Hazard, Mike Hazard, Kathleen Hellen, Laurie Hertzel, Melanie Hoffert, Richard Hoffman, B.J. Hollars, Philippa Holloway, Michael Hormolka, Pam Houston, Susan Elizabeth Howe, Christopher Howell, Janis Hubschman, T.R. Hummer, Ann Elizabeth Huston, Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt, Donald Illich, Mark Jenkins, Brad Johnson, Betsy Johnson-Miller, Jonathan Johnson, Jason M. Jones, Allison Joseph, Garret Kaizer, Libby Kalmbach, Kate Kaplan, Albert Katz, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Dore Kiesselbach, Cindy King, Heather Kirn, Laurie Klein, Robert Klose, Lisa Knopp, Tracy Koretsky, Aaron Krol, Angel LaCanfora, Thanhha Lai, Laurie Lamon, Jennifer Lang, Heather Kirn Lanier, Elisabeth Lanser-Rose, Eric Laster, Michael Lauchlan, Sydney Lea, Brianne Lee, Joan Leegant, Roger Leege, Peter Leight, Laurie Levy, Laurinda Lind, April Lindner, Frannie Lindsay,  Christopher Locke, George Looney, Bret Lott, Mary Lotz, Jim Lou, Alice Lowe, Robyn Lynn, Sheila Madary, Marjorie Maddox,  Al Maginnes, Dawn Marano, Jayne Marek, Debra Marquart, Bill Marsh, Daniel J. Martin, Michael Martone, Cris Mazza, David McAleavey, Lisa McCallum, Steve McDonald, Alexander McElroy, Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum, Marsha McGregor, Janet McNally, Daniel Menaker, Michelle Menting, J. Shane Mercer, Leslie Adrienne Miller, L.E. Miller, Valerie Miner, Jeff Mock, Michael Montlack, Hadley Moore, Julie L. Moore, John Morgan, Donald Morrill, N.S. Morris, Sandell Morse, Colin Morton, Rose Rappoport Moss, Elisabeth Murawski, Matthew Murrey, Jeff Muse, Randy Nelson, Lisa Norris, Tom Noyes, David O’Connell, Danielle Ofri, Lance Olsen, Costangelo Pacilio, Anne Panning, Michael Pearce, Edith Pearlman, Michael Pearce, Kristina Pfleegor, Antonio Pellicano, John Picard, Elizabeth Poliner, Mary Pope, Andrea Potos, Diane Prokop, Bernard Quetchenbach, Elizabeth Rees, Thomas Reiter, Vincent Reusch, Mark Rigney, Natalie Bryant Rizzieri, Leslie Carol Roberts, Robert Root, Maxine Rosaler, Elizabeth Rosen, Stan Rubin, Lex Runciman, Arthur Russell, Donna Salli, Reg Saner, Sarah Sarai, Jane Satterfield, Terry Savoie, Jennifer Jordan Schaller, Tina Schumann, Mark Schoenknecht, Brian Schwartz, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Claudia Serea, Peggy Shumaker, Robert Anthony Siegel,  Jennifer Sinor, Judith Slater, Heather A. Slomski, Ron Smith, Suzanne Farrell Smith, Theresa D. Smith, Jessamyn Smyth, Tatjana Soli, Lucas Southworth, Richard Spilman, Joannie Stangeland, Cindy Stewart-Rinier, Laurie Stone, Katherine D. Stutzman, Caroline Sutton, Charles A. Swanson, Jill Talbot, Jason Tandon, Lois Taylor, Richard Terrill, Terry Ann Thaxton, Bonnie Thompson, Peter Tiernan, Leath Tonino, Rachel Toor, Pepper Trail, Jessica Treadway, Bill Trippe, Travis Truax, Dennis Trujillo, Laynie Tzena, Steve Ullom, Lee Upton, Nance Van Winckel, Julie Marie Wade, G.C. Waldrep, Jeanne Murray Walker, Kirsten Wasson, Amy Waterman, A.S. Waterman, Larry Watson, Charles Harper Webb, Anna Lowe Weber, J. Weintraub, Gabriel Welsch, Kory Wells, Paul Wells, Sarah M. Wells, Ingrid Wendt, John Whalen, Nathan White, Ross Wilcox, Joan Wilking, Joe Wilkins, Sunni Wilkinson, Paul Willis, Scott Withiam, Christopher Woods, Karen Wunsch, Brian Yen, Catherine Young

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