So Long To The Good Old Moon ~ Kory Wells


Life magazine headline, July 4, 1969

When I was young I wanted to go to the moon

but I’ve only made it to Milwaukee,

which is to say I have learned


about adjusting expectations.

When I was young I planned to move

to the big city, any big city,


but my hometown grew and grew

in a labyrinth of commerce around me,

which is to say only certain bodies at rest


tend to stay at rest not to mention

good urban planning is a must. When I was young

I was going to drive a Porsche 944 flat on the floor


but I’ve been all four-door sedans and minivans

which is to say I had kids   which I was not planning

with a husband          I was not planning


the latter of whom came into my life

wearing plaid pants which I was

definitely     not     planning


which is to say that love is the unbalanced force

unnamed in Newton’s first law

and I learned early on


one, to accept people as they are

even if they have no fashion sense and two,

planning will only take you so far but love


will take you everywhere, even

to Milwaukee in winter, which is to say

although I reserve the right to complain


we do what we have to do. Older now,

I take uncommon pleasure simply anticipating

an afternoon cappuccino


from a powdered mix, which is to say life

is improbable, and if you look you’ll find a galaxy

in your cup, perfect and round and spinning.