Postcards from France ~ Reg Saner



You should be here to see

how in Besançon or maybe Auxerre

a young couple hold still

for small touches

so very up-close and openly

with never a glance to one side.



High culture or low – Chamonix,

Caen, Lyons – all of it calls

for plenty of foot sweat, except

barely over the threshold

of that great nave at Amiens

your breath on no warning whatever

taken in and held by surprise

makes you medieval.



This morning’s Gothic façade

at Rouen I didn’t check out

in the green Michelin, just listened

as les enfants on their way

to first grade came skipping

and chirping right by me

in singsong worth the cathedral.



Do I miss you? Throughout the Loire

valley I cruised, bagging chateaux

but in the mountains of Jura

did castles.  Then at Coutances

climbed to this ruin so noble,

so high-lone and stone-lorn

its walls survive only as views

made of you and great distance.