Poem In Which I Dispense Unlooked-for Advice ~ J.L. Conrad


Don’t buy dented cans. Don’t eat the contents
of unsealed jars. The surest way to keep from drowning
is to hold one’s head above the water. Take extra
precautions on trips, especially if heading to the woods.
Don’t be afraid; they’re just wolves howling.
If you find yourself on an island, do not panic.
A bridge will rise from the water just where you need it.
You’ll be able to find your way back before dinner.
Try not to get bogged down in inessentials. Do not
remove that flag. Don’t take this wrong but
I need to know where you’re going. Don’t venture
outside tonight, I beg you. You should wait for the right
moment to tell the others. Aren’t you forgetting
something? All things considered, it could be
much worse. You can be too careful, you know.