Paul Dickey

Paul Dickey’s TheySay This is How Death Came Into the World was published byMayapple Press in January, 2011. Since his last appearance atAscentlast year, Dickey’s poetry has appeared inConcho River Review, Potomac, The Potomac Review, diode, 32Poems, Barnwood, Broadsided, I-70 Review,and Prairie Schooner,and is forthcoming in The Laurel Review, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, and Pleiades.  This spring Dickey compiled a new full-length volume of poems entitledWires Over the Homeplaceas a collaboration of poetry and art with the Brooklyn artist, Ira Joel Haber.  Selections of this synergistic work have appeared online atOtoliths and in print at thePinyon Review.Biographical information and notes on previous publishing activity can be found at the site of theNebraska Center For Writers.