Painters Settle The World For Us ~ Lex Runciman

“Painters Settle the World for Us”

Eamon Grennan

Not that it moves too quickly

but we do, blurring the given –

hands, say, an apple, or

how in the vast Pacific of its momentum

a wave wind made and kept glides miles

until first it rasps over depth offshore,

friction lifting that gravity’s center and roll,

foam riding, outlier gulls and cormorants

riding, gray skies muting the green, silver

banishing the blue, as ever yet the rock

and sand-smooth continental shelf

lifts towards shore the swell’s point

taller where a thin boil begins

then roils, widening at the top, whiter

and west, a bulk lifting its curve,

thinning as a raw gust catches

that topmost agitation and makes of it

a cast off, half-transparence

until the whole risen motion,

all it is and will be, unable to gather higher,

unable to hold much farther, hesitates

along a slow descending arc, a hollow

brown pelicans, sweeping south,

love their wings to tease.