Love Me ~ Claudia Serea

With gusts of wind through lace curtains
and white bed sheets,

love me with water,
endless spring rain,

love me with chocolate
and champagne,
fill bathtubs, tunnels, and pipes,

love me like fire,
blindfolded and light,

like a rock concert
in a burning library,

like a bullet train leaving the station
with cellos and violins—

love me like ghosts in the old palace,
with hammers and swords,

love me
like war,
with dust, tanks, and humvees,

crunch me between your teeth
like a rose stem,

love me like a bargain,

like barter, give me your heart
and I’ll give you rice
and a chicken for it,

love me like the sun loves the moon,
and soup the spoon,

love me like a breeze in your hair,
love me like your breath,

like all life
and all death.