Kirsten Wasson

Six years ago, Kirsten Wasson left her life as a Professor of American Literature in Ithaca, New York to move to LA without a plan. There, she worked as: 1) “salesgirl” and event planner at a Juicery, 2) personal assistant to a business woman who liked cosmetic surgery 3) flower arranger for a doctor who hated her, 4) ESL teacher to international students with whom she fell in love. After three years, Kirsten got a real job as a college counselor at a small private high school. Meanwhile, she became a storyteller, presenting work at venues around the city, finding a new community of writers and performers. In her free time, Kirsten hikes the Santa Monica Mountains, paddle boards in the Pacific, and travels to Mexico. Her memoir about changing her life in middle age while accommodating her son and his mental illness will be complete in September: LA Lost and Found: Angels, Ghosts, The Whole Family.