I Had My Reasons ~ Nance Van Winckel


e.g., so weary from my own bellyaching, I fell off

the edge of the third drink, the second dessert,

& was provoked to more dancing & necking

& to the shameful tuppence I tossed

to the pauper, & I confess

the migraine made me lose track of time,

the gut cramp had me on another line

after the ill-advised trade of this tit

for that tat, which got me stuck

in the last millennium’s traffic, thereby exacerbating

the past-life trauma of being ground

into the too-white flour & baked

into a dough rejected & sent

back to Ecclesiastes,

where I was deemed not purely enough bred &

consequently left off the ark, which is why

I am late & why I’m in no way

& no how to blame.