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As I write this greeting, I feel equal portions of humility and excitement, for this is my first act as the incoming editor of Ascent.

I would like to thank Scott Olsen for putting his trust in me and handing over the reins. Trust is a word that comes to mind often as I think of being responsible for Ascent. Just as Scott was entrusted to the magazine’s care and vision following the departure of Dan and Audrey Curley, I too feel a sense of entrustment rather than ownership, steward now to this journal whose pages have been home to wonderful writing for more than half a century.

In the coming months, readers will likely see some changes in the magazine, but it will remain Ascent at its core, always looking for daring work that offers new visions and voices. In the meantime, as has been its practice in recent years, the magazine will open for submissions until the number reaches 200 submissions for the month, at which time the window will close so that we may give those works close attention and their authors timely replies. So, without further ado, the first submission window is now open for 2020. Please send us your best!

Looking forward to the journey ahead,

Vincent Reusch, editor