Full Moon Rising ~ Robin Chapman

                                    for Will


I’m dodging through parking lots,

heading for road, when I look up—

in the dusky blue, a yellow-silk moon

rises huge over Walgreen’s, follows me

home over oak woods and telephone poles,

glowing with a light that seems its own

though there, in the rear-view mirror,

the setting sun sinks through clouds,

its orange-pink light reflecting on us all—


loneliness is contagious I read in the news

and look out again at the moon, the luck

of a world order viagra by mail companioned by light—as, later

that night, you and I dance at the Gates

of Heaven and go outside to sit

for a while on the cold marble slab

of a bench to watch Orion rising to follow

the full moon riding high—remind myself

of our luck; loneliness, I think, an unkind

blindness that shutters the eye.